Feeling betrayed by Dan and Deno

Opinion: Letters To The Editor

October 10th, 2017 2:43 PM

I feel betrayed. I voted for Dan Moroney and Deno Andrews because they spoke to me in person, one-to-one, saying they would vote against the Albion building.

Dan Moroney told me he was a contractor and he knew they didn't need to build an 18-story building to make a profit.

They both promised to fight the building because it is not in keeping with the DTOP plan, because it would increase the wind tunnel created by the Advantage building, because it would negate the solar panels and green roof on the new Nature Center. 

It will shade Austin Gardens and cause die-off of trees and plantings. Lake Street is looking more like a canyon every year.

I voted for these men based on the promise they made. If I had known they had no intention of keeping their promise, I would not have voted for them. I will never vote for them again. They need to explain themselves to us, the voters!

Shame! Shame! on elected officials who ignore the people they represent and ignore the studies that have been paid for.

Mary E. O'Kiersey

Oak Park