I've got to get out of this place

Opinion: Letters To The Editor

October 10th, 2017 2:41 PM

Members of the Marching Huskies band joined OPRF football players in kneeling during the National Anthem at Oak Park Stadium prior to the Sept. 29 game against Downers Grove North. | Photo by Jim Hurt

Please don't lecture me about freedom of speech [OPRF students take a knee at Friday night game, News, Oct. 4].

When my father was shoveling coal into a boiler on a ship bringing war material to the Allies in WWII, with heat at 120 degrees, he was not permitted to sit down to protest.

When my Uncle Brook was pinned down in a foxhole for days on end and then when he slowly lost his sanity, he did not sit down to protest.

When my Uncle Kak was fighting on the front lines in Europe, no nice teacher came along and said, "If you prefer to sit down to protest, please do so."

For this you use my hard-earned tax dollars?

I have to get out of this crazy town.

Colette Verdun

Oak Park