Albion opposition has earned respect

Opinion: Letters To The Editor

August 8th, 2017 2:39 PM

Image provided by Albion Residential

In your July 26 column [Don't maximize profit, maximize quality, Ken Trainor, Viewpoints], "well-reasoned and -articulated opposition" is what you called for in order to give Village Hall "some backbone when dealing with developers." 

Well, on Aug. 3, during the 3½-hour Plan Commission hearing (the third since July 11), I believe that is exactly what happened. Besides the Park District of Oak Park presentation that ultimately did not recommend support for the Albion proposal, the rest of the meeting was filled with a continuous stream of Oak Park citizens who expressed, in well-reasoned and articulate speeches, opposition to the 18-story building at 1000 Lake St. And there might have been even more speakers, but many who had signed up at the first meeting three weeks ago or the July 27 meeting were unable to attend last Thursday.  

There is something to be said about holding meetings on such an important issue during the middle of the summer. And, to quote again from your column, "the opposition, of course, must earn respect, and if they do, development supporters, and village hall, must show it." 

The opposition clearly earned that respect last week. And now the question is, "What will be the response of the Plan Commission and, ultimately, our elected village board?"

 The next two meetings will be Aug. 10, and, if needed, Aug. 22 at 7 p.m. I urge Oak Parkers to attend or send their thoughts via email to or through the regular mail to the attention of Village Planner Craig Failor, liaison to the volunteer Plan Commission, 123 Madison St. Oak Park, IL 60302. He can also be reached at 708-358-5418. The Plan Commission will most likely be sending its recommendation to the village board this month, so it is important for citizens to let the nine commissioners know their position on this critical matter in a timely fashion.

Lorraine Owles  

Oak Park