Local Restaurants Donate to Austin Daily News Holiday Party

December 8th, 2017 11:54 AM

Local-Motions dancers entertained guests at the 5th annual AWN community holiday party

By Dining Editor

Yesterday evening, the Columbus Park refectory was alive with holiday spirit at the 5th annual Austin Weekly News community holiday party.  The AWN hosts the event with the West Side Business Network in hopes of bringing people together for an evening of lively entertainment and meaningful conversation.
Vocal performances and dance displays, provided by Local-Motions, entertained guests while they dined on local fare generously provided by a host of Oak Park restaurants.
2017 restaurant sponsors included:
Dominos Pizza (Chicago Ave)
Chicago's Home of Chicken & Waffles 
 *restaurant made an additional donation to the raffle.
These restaurants showed a deep commitment to our shared communities and without them this heart-warming event would not be possible.