Tony B

Chicago Rapper

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Chicago rapper Tony B has return back to the music seen and his new single title " Live Free" will be released this June.

A life of a Chicago rapper Tony B


Chicago rap artist, Tony Butler aka Tony B, was born & raised on the West-side of Chicago, Illinois. His parents knew from an early age that Tony was going to be musically inclined. His father, Jesse, a lover of rap music always had some Tupac or Biggie playing on the stereo. At age thirteen, Tony told his mother Yolanda, that he wanted to be a rap artist. This did not come as a surprise to Yolanda as she had noticed how much he loved music.

Tony B started to perform at back to school events throughout Chicago. During his sophomore year in high school Tony B faced peer pressure as most kids do at this juncture in life. Tony B showed no interest in his passion for music anymore. His parents noticed he began hanging out on street corners with the wrong crowd. His parents knew what kind of life could be in store for a young man in the rough streets of Chicago. So his parents decided to be proactive. His father gave him a long speech about thug life and what it would eventually lead to. At the end of the speech his father gave him a note pad and a pen and said œtake your frustration out on this piece of paper.

After being lectured by his father, Tony B knew he had an advantage by having a father in his life to teach how to become a man. Tony B knew his parents were not going to stand for any nonsense so he decided to get back on his grind. Tony B began opening shows for artist like Ace Primo, famous pop singer Jacob Latimore and he also did a live interview on a local radio show. Tony B wrote a song titled œShe Got It in 2010 which he also did a video for and is available for viewing on YouTube. He wrote œIn the Zone in 2011.

Tony B is now eighteen years old He is more confident in his craft and has an undeniable swag that comes from knowing who he is as a person and an artist. Tony B has truly risen to the occasion of being a performer and a writer. Tony B is not living by anyone's rules. His new single state exactly that! The single is scheduled to be released the second week of June 2013, on Google Play, ITunes and Reverbnation.

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