Happy Birthday! Cucina Paradiso Turns 20

Sponsored by: Cucina Paradiso

October 5th, 2015 4:45 PM

By Advertising Department

This October, Oak Park's Cucina Paradiso has a birthday, and it's a big one. The restaurant will celebrate twenty years this fall, no small feat in the restaurant world. The key to Cucina's success? Great food and a great community.

Brothers Anthony and Nick Gambino have made their restaurant an integral part of the community from the start. Through hosting local charities for benefits and events and offering the kind of food that keeps customers returning again and again, Cucina Paradiso has built a name for itself in the community. Customers who once ate at the restaurant as children are now returning with their own children.

Assistant Manager Marco notes that the local support has been key to Cucina's longevity. "In addition to great food, we have very strong community ties, something that is unique about Cucina. We're very involved in the community, and people in Oak Park know us. And as we enter into the age of social media, we're finding our local audience is large but we're also reaching a lot of new people, younger generations that are tuning in and finding us through social media."

A restaurant doesn't flourish for twenty years without great food, and Cucina Paradiso keeps its tables full by striking a balance between old favorites and innovative new dishes. Core dishes like customer favorite Rigatoni Bolognese and the Chicken Pistachio have been on the menu from the start and Gambinos work to introduce new, contemporary dishes to reflect seasonality and their customer's evolving palates as well.

Cucina's catering division, Twomaytoz Catering, has grown up alongside the restaurant. Over the course of twenty years, Twomaytoz has catered events of all sizes from gatherings at private residences to wedding receptions for hundreds of people. Bringing Italian specialties to local venues such as the Cheney Mansion, the Pleasant Home, the River Forest Tennis Club and the Nineteenth Century Club, the brothers serve their clients both in and out of the restaurant.

This October, Cucina would like to say thank you to all of its customers. Even though restaurant is having a birthday, it's its loyal customers who will be getting the gifts. In honor of the restaurant's October birthday Cucina Paradiso will offer a special menu from October 11th through October 15th. To celebrate twenty years in the business, dine-in customers can enjoy a classic Cucina three course $20 prix fixe menu.

As Cucina enters its third decade, it will continue to evolve, looking towards restaurant updates and menu changes in the future, but one thing will never change: Cucina Paradiso will always be the hometown favorite for authentic Italian food.