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March 19th, 2019 4:18 PM

OPRF Pragmatic Solutions wholeheartedly endorses Amanda Massie and Vic Guarino for the District 200 school board and Bridgett Baron and Cory Wesley for village of Oak Park trustee. All four are independent candidates who will be fiscally responsible, prioritizing needs, not wants, and accountable to taxpayers.

Baron and Wesley will work to address the unsustainable rising rate of taxation in Oak Park, with the goal of making the village more affordable and maintaining its vibrant diversity. Through common-sense legislation and better decision-making, these goals are achievable.

Massie and Guarino will assess needs versus wants with students and taxpayers in mind. They will advocate for educational excellence and equity for all students at Oak Park and River Forest High School, helping to implement and ensure accountability of the racial equity policy, and increasing board transparency. 

While OPRF Pragmatic Solutions isn't endorsing a third D200 candidate, incumbent Fred Arkin has favorably differentiated himself from fellow incumbent Sara Dixon Spivy. At the Dec. 11 and Dec. 20 board meetings, he spoke out against pushing through the $65 million Imagine pool/PE complex now, while Spivy remained stone silent, the only silent board member. Neither incumbent has expressed regret over their support of D200's disingenuous marketing of the 2016 pool referendum, though both now say they regret attempting to bypass voters in 2015 to fund construction of a $37.5 million Olympic-size pool and demolish the garage. 

Also not endorsed are Ralph Martire and Gina Harris who pose a possible conflict of interest if elected to the board. They both have political and financial ties to the union that represents D200's teachers.

OPRF Pragmatic Solutions is a grassroots organization that has successfully advocated for fiscally responsible facility spending since 2015 and prioritizing efforts to improve academic outcomes for all students at D200. Please consider casting your votes for these candidates and visit their websites for more information:,, and

Dori Bernstein, Marty Bernstein, John Carney, Kitty Conklin, Jack Davidson, Bruce Kleinman, Maureen Kleinman, Mark Murphy, Jack Powers, Gina Sennello, Monica Sheehan, Doug Springer, Leslie Sutphen, Robert Zeh

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