Will their sacrifice be in vain?

Opinion: Letters To The Editor

June 25th, 2019 12:37 PM

On June 6, we observed 75 years since D-day, the battle of Normandy Beach, where thousands of our idealistic, heroic young people died in defense of democracy, justice and freedom for all under the rule of law.

Nazi Germany, led by Hitler, had a determination to rule the world by cleansing it of non-whites, the handicapped, homosexuals and Semitic people. In Hitler's authoritarian view, a "pure, white, superior" race would establish a "perfect" society. This dictatorship had to be destroyed.

My college fiancé was one of those brave, patriotic Americans who volunteered to oppose the injustice and cruelty against humanity that the Nazis represented. This war, World War II, was known as the "war to end all wars," and end (for all time) dictatorships.

Instead, we have learned that greed, hate, and desire for power continues and so do the battles to save humanity and democracy.

How sad I am today as I contemplate that all the loss of life seems "wasted." I never dreamed we would have to endure an authoritarian president who does not treasure our democracy and defies our rules of law. Our constitution is of no value to President Trump.

If history has taught us nothing else, it has alerted us to be constantly vigilant in guarding our democracy. We Americans must now, more than ever before, "fight" on the battleground of righteousness. It is our "beachhead" and we owe it to our heroes, past and present.

Harriet Hausman

River Forest