Chicago 'rattiest' Oak Park the 'mousiest'?

October 23rd, 2014 11:53 AM

OPRF's cafeteria not only served students but has been a frequent spot for mice in the building. But high school officials say they're not having a particular issue with mice anymore. FILE PHOTO/2011

By Terry Dean

Staff reporter

Two weeks ago, pest control company Orkin released an assessment of the "rattiest" cities in the United States. Chicago topped the list of 20, based on the numbers and types of treatments Orkin does in cities nationwide.

That got us thinking about Oak Park and specifically the high school, known over the years for having its own mice problem. But before dubbing Oak Park the nation's "mousiest" city — or at least for Chicago area suburbs — we thought we'd check with OPRF first concerning its mouse issue. According to spokesperson Karin Sullivan, following a check with Buildings and Grounds Director Robert Zummallen, OPRF no longer has a rodent problem like it use to. And as we reported in October 2011, the high school made a major push to control its mouse problem. The days of students, and staff, eating food in places other than lunchrooms was discouraged. There was also a crack down of folk using the building on weekends and not cleaning up their left behind food.

And with Chicago's longtime rat problem, maybe we were just getting visits from some of those critters' relatives. The other top five cities from Orkin, by the way, were L.A., WashingtonD.C., New York and San Francisco.  

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