Creating your own one of a kind gift

December 2nd, 2016 6:14 AM

When Oak Park 5th grader Carlos Reyes wanted a sweatshirt with his favorite band Zomboy, his options were limited. With some careful saving he was able to create his own at ShirtWorks in Oak Park. Located on Marion in the heart of Down Town Oak Park, Shirtworks is an Oak Park family owned business that has been here for 40 years. Shirtworks will work to ensure that your ideas and design become a one of a kind embroidered or screen printed wearable gift.

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By Sarah Corbin

Shopping & Business Blogger

There are some fantastic options in the Oak Park area community to get out and create your own original item. The creatively challanged should feel comfortable knowing that each location has coaches, owners, staff, artists on hand to help mold the perfect piece.  

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